Youth Advisory Council Grant Awards

The Youth Advisory Councils are charged with publicizing, reviewing and selecting a Children’s grant each year that benefits students in the communities where the Youth Councils are located. The Foundation gives each council available funds from the KHF Children’s Fund. As part of the process, the youth developed the following criteria:

  • Does it help multiple children?
  • Does it have long-lasting effects?
  • Can we afford it?
  • Has it been done prior to requesting our grant?

This year, the Canton-Galva Youth Advisory Council selected five projects:

  1. $229.95 – Library MakerSpace: Jessica Bowman, Library Media Specialist, requested funds to develop an interactive, hands-on place at Canton-Galva Junior/Senior High School for students to delve into subject like electronic circuitry, robotics, and computer programming.
  2. $209.97 – Opportunity To Present: Valerie Stout requested funds for a presentation cart to house a computer, speakers, and document reader.
  3. $300 – Headphones for Literacy:  Jordan Meier and Tammy Feil requested funds for the purchase of headphone for Canton-Galva Elementary School 3rd classes.
  4. $320 – Guided & Leveled Reading Books: Sue Vogts requested funds for a Canton-Galva Elementary School in-class library.
  5. $440.08 – Reading Tables:  Amy Etheridge and Kristi Wheeler requested funds for the purchase of reading tables for their 4th classrooms.

The McPherson Youth Advisory Council are currently reviewing requests. Last year, they selected three projects:

  1. $50 – Bringing Auditory Enhancement to the Classroom:  Emilea Harlin requested funds to help purchase a new sound system for English classrooms at McPherson High School.
  2. $377 – SMD Special Education Classroom : Vicky Kloeppner requested funds for ‘Model Me’ videos for Special Education students, guidance counselors and regular education teachers at Eisenhower Elementary School.
  3. $73 – Think Wink. You are Worth a Million:  Annette Karr requested funds to conduct a self esteem program for Middle School students attending Circles of McPherson weekly classes.
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