Annual Report

The following audited statements for FY2013 are available by clicking below.

FY13 Statement of Financial Position

FY13 Statement of Activities

The McPherson County Community Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank  those who contributed between September 1, 2012 and August 31, 2013.


Jonas Abraha
Stanley and Connie Achilles
Bill and Shirley Adams
Keith Albrecht
Rod and Barbara Allan
Tom Frankenfield and Judy Casy
Dale Thiesen and Shelley Overholt
Bryan and Tina Anderson
Carl and Liz Anderson
Frank and LaJane Anderson
Richard and Megan Anderson
Rick and Betty Anderson
Hans and Anne Andrewson
Fredrick Axelson
Marvin and Tonya Ayers


Troy and Jennifer Babcock
Adam and Kimberly Baldwin
Dwight Baldwin
William and Terry Baldwin
Peg Ball
David and Kristina Balzer
Bank of America
Myron Barrow
Adolyn Bartels
Glenda Bayles
Elisha Beck
Dwight and Brenda Becker
Robert and Nancy Becker
Zack and Sarah Bell
Lori Bengston
Gloria Biby
John Billings
Tom and Nancy Billings
Fay Binder
Jon and Lynn Black
Rose Bloomberg
Lavon and Fern Bohling
Joshua and Abby Bohnenblust
Billy and Julie Bolin
Lane and Anita Bomberger
Rob and Jennifer Bonham
Diane Bontrager
Cody and Ashley Bornholdt
James Bornholdt
Tim and Terri Bornholdt
Michael and Jessi Boughfman
Jay and Sara Bremyer
Jill Bremyer
Tom Shirley Brennan
Rick and Sheri Bressie
Buck and Susie Brown
Charles and Katherine Brown
Jerome and Nancy Brown
Jon and Amber Brown
Tom and Kathy Brown
Larry and Pat Bruce
Lonny and Laura Bruce
Dennis Brunk
Charles Buckaloo
David and Laurie Buller
Vaughan and Jennifer Burch
Tami Burton
Bryan and Mary Bush
Timothy Byrnes


Brice and Celeste Carlson
Jack and Elizabeth Carlson
Neil and Sharon Carlson
Roger Carlson
Kevin  and Jodi Case
Bret Chapman
Tim and Jenny Cheatham
Roger and Carol Cheesman
Aric and Melanie Cherry
Carolyn Childres
Roberts and Nikki Childs V
Robert Christensen
D.L. and Cindy Christiansen
Jeff and Priscilla Clark
Pam Clark
W.J. and Mary Collier
Doris Coppock
Tyler and Terran Corwin
Troy Sara Cottam
Creative Hairlines, inc.
Lois Creed
Brian Crowther


Larry and Edith Dahlsten
Mark and Cherilyn Dahlsten
Hugo and Neisha Dahlstrom
Rachel Davelaar
Kay Miller Davis
David Sondra Denshaw
Nathan and Nikole DeWitt
Becky Dillon
Merlin and Jody Dombaugh-Miller
Brynel and Sheryl Dossett
Mike and Kelli Dossett
Craig and Brenda Druecker
Ryan and Michelle Durst


Marsha Ebaugh
Paul and Veneta Ediger
John and Cathy Effmann
Horst and Irmgard Eigruber
Steven and Tiffani Eilrich
Bradley and Amy Eisenbarth
Gordon and Shannon Enns
Harry and Maureen Ensminger
Sharyl Ensminger
Anthony and Virginia Erbert
Donald and Sandra Erickson
Paul and Tasha Erickson
Warren Etches


Farmers State Bank
Gina Fay
Lola Jane Fensky
John Ferrell
Jolene Fickes
Andrew and Jennifer Fiedler
Grant Flaharty
Ronald Flaherty
Elaine Elaine Fleenor
C. Flood
Earnest and Renee Frazier Jr.
Dennis and Mabel Friesen
Greg and Sausha Friesen
Randall Sharon Friesen
Scott and Peggy Friesen
Willard and Eva Friesen
Brett Froese
Don and Dianne Froese
Larry and Bev Froese
David and Bonnie Fruth
Luther and Ardis Fry


Wade and Angie Gaeddert
Neal Galle
Bill and Gwen Gately
Cody and Amanda Gharst
Henry and Jennifer Giovannelli
Troy and Rhonda Glidden
H. Mary Glidden, Jr
Jimmie and Linda Goalden
Chris and Lisa Goering
Greg and Tammy Goering
Jay and Linda Goering
Marvin and Mary Beth Goering
Emily Goetz
Tom and Cindy Goldsmith
Joseph and Georgia Goracke
Todd and Becky Goss
Clark and Connie Graber
Kurt Graber
Gary and Debbie Gray
Jim and Cindy Griggs
Gary and Andrea Grubbs
Steven and Gail Gustafson
Amanda Gutierrez
George Guzman


Brent and Jennie Hall
Charles and Judith Hall
Pamela Hamilton
Linda Hammerle
Karen Haney
Kris Hanschu
Elmer and Margie Hanson
Leslie and Margie Hargadine
Joe and Connie Harkins
Todd and Janell Harman
Tom and Darlene Harms
Micheal and Sandra Harold
Nathan and Elizabeth Harold
Patricia Harryman-Buschbom
Mike Haug
Kyle and Tammy Hawk
Clifford and Edna Hawkes
Larry and Barbara Hays
Larry and Kathy Heidebrecht
Richard and June Ann Heinle
John and Linda Helmer
Trae and Lindsay Helms
Dustin and Laura Hendricks
Gay Henrikson-Ladwig
Linda Herring
Robert and Julie Herring
Dick and Bev Hess
Gary and Fern Hess
Jim and Connie Hess
Kris Hill
William and Kathy Hill
Rhandalee Hinman
Edith Hodgson
Janice Holderness
Craig and Karen Holman
Barbara Hooper
Jason and Tisha Hoover
Jason and Letitia Hoover
Carol Horn
Darin and Kimberly Kay Horn
Hospira, Inc.
Dennis and Betty Houghton
Delbert and Carol Hueske
Walter and Lou Hundley
Beverly Hunter
Mark Huston


Gilford and Nelda Ikenberry


Jon Jantz
Keith Janzen
Andrea and Darren Johnson
J. Richard and Joan Johnson
James Johnson
John and Patricia Johnson
Lori Johnson
Troy and DeeAnne Johnson
Vaughan and Debbie Johnson
Lawyer Jolley
Anita Jost
Darlene Jukes


Kansas Health Foundation
Karstetter & Bina
Annette Karr
Mike and Connie Kaufman
Roland Kaufman
Stacey and Jordan Kaufman
Verlene Kaufman
Darrell and Lori Kearns
Marlene Kennedy
Jim Ketcherside
Devri King
Steve and Jennifer Kinzel
Tim and Lacey Kliewer
Patsy Koehn
Raydean and Jana Koehn
Roger and Audrey Koehn
Robert and Sharyl Kohrs, Jr.
Daniel and Catherine Kongs
Curtis Kornhaus
Jerry Krehbiel
Rick and Pat Krehbiel
Clifford and Dixie Kruszynski
Robert and Linda Kuhn


Sharylyn Lacey
Chet Lang
Nancy Laprad
Craig and Jackie Larson
Gail Lauderdale
Dale and Carmela Leach
David and Rae Ann Leach
Donna Lehner
Richard and Susan Leicht
Nancy Lengel
Jerry Leopold
Nicholas and Emily Levin
Michael Liebl
Maggie and Russell Lindfors
Steven and Marian Lindshield
Frank and Marilyn Logbeck
Kelly and Sharon Long
Delawrence and Candy Lundberg
Carolyn Lundstrom
Sonia Luttig
Robert and Virginia Luty
Jeff Lyall


Joe and Kaysha Macy
Diane Mannebach
Thomas and K L Markham
James and Patricia Marlett
Orlin Martens
Shoshana Martin
Gary and Juliann Martin, Sr.
Brent and Tonya Martisko
Bryce and Tiffany McFarland
Thomas McGwire
Midway Motors
Joyce Mikulak
Randy and Darcel Miles
Brad Miller
Dorothy Miller
Brent and Julie Milleson
Ronald and Carolyn Milleson
Michael and Leonor Mills
William Mills
Adrian Morales
Adrian and Kasi Morales
Rex and Shriley Morris
Gregory and Marilynn Morton
Kent and Anita Muhs
Chris and Sara Munoz
Jim and Denise Munsey
Larry and Marilyn Myers


National Coop. Refining Assoc.
Dale and Glee Nelson
Harold and Evelyn Nelson
Josh and Casie Nelson
Fred and Connie Neufeld
Kevin and Heidi Neufeld
Don and Joan Neufeldt
Dick and Linda Nichols
Carolee Nicholson
Kent Niehage
Art Noll
Kent and Beverly Nye


Ted and Jean Odle
Ted Jean Odle
Gary Olson
Ernest and Janis Oriente
Dorothy Otte


Trent Parkins
Clara Mae Parr
Philip and Traci Parrish
Wayne and Diane Parrish
Margaret Patrick
Michael and Catherine Patrick
Elizabeth Pattengill
David and Becky Patterson
Joleen Pearman
Randall and Deborah Pearson
Gary and Dena Pederson
Rita Perrin
Terry Peters
Louie Peterson
Mary Peterson
Mary Gayle Pettey
Merrily Pierson
Barry and Pam Pjesky
Plastics Pipe Institute
Dale Poage
Lowell and Jacqueln Postier
Thomas and Mandy Potter
Linda Poulseen
Shannon and Lanae Powell
Precision Industries, Inc.
Fredna Prince
Phillip and Laura Prince
Progressive Literature Club
Jeffrey and Tammy Purdy


Fern Raleigh
Craig and Mary Rausch
Mike and Diane Rausch
Steven and Pamela Read
Brett and Kathryn Reber
Martin and Susan Redstone
Roberta Reed
Don and Joan Reichenberger
Ronald and Janet Reimer
E. Dean and Madonna Reynolds
Terry Reyher Camp Colorado Memorial Trust
Jacquelyn Rhea
Richard Rhodenbaugh
V. R. Richmond
William and Doris Ridge
Jessica Rindels
Jason and Wendy Roberts
Mary Ann Robinson
Chris Rooker
Mark Ropp
Kelly and Linda Rounds
Susan Rustvold


Sandahl Family
Gary and Suzanne Sandbo
Joyce Saricks
Derek and Katie Sawyer
Debra Scalet
Joan Schieferecke
Devin and Jessica Schierling
Roy and Shivawn Schierling
Sandford and Carol Schlussman
Kent and Judi Schmidt
Larry and Charlene Schmidt
LeRoy and Vicki Schmidt
Crystal Schrag
Fred and Polly Schrag
Kyle and Robin Schrag
Lois Schrag
Dennan and Kendee Schroeder
Dennis and Crystal Schroeder
Rodney and Gloria Schroeder
Clair Schultis
Paul and Joan Schultz
Betty Schulz
Doug and Gail Schulz
Stan and Katherine Schulz
Calvin and Stephany Scott
David and Rebecca Scott
Brad and Judy Seibel
Fred and Janet Seiler
William Seiler
James and Hyacinth Self
Donald and Kristine Sellers
Allan Sents
Dennis and nanci Shaw
Caitlin Sheedy
Jason and Valerie Shober
Troy and Carianne Short
Larry and Janis Sigle
Lyle and Juli Silsby
Kenneth and Glenda Sims
Jerry and Ruth Sisson
Hadley and Mary Sizemore
Garry and Kathy Skinner
Dain and Cambria Smith
Jack and Geraldine Smith
Lorene Smith
Mike and Cheryl Smyres
Glen and Kerri Snell
Carlton and Marilyn Spencer
Dale and Laurie Sprague
SPI – The Plastics Industry Trade Association
Rick Staab
Matthew Starkey
Julius Steele
David and Mary Steffes
Rick and Kathy Stein
Jennifer Stephenson
Michael and Alexandra Stephenson
Kevin and Tammy Stockham
Gregg and Judy Stockstill
Kent and Pepe Stos
Stoney and Tamara Strange
Bruce and Patricia Stucky
Kenneth Stucky
LaVern Stucky
Robert and Cheryl Stucky
Margaret Swanner
Roger and Kathleen Swanson
Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd
Keith and Linda Swinehart


Julie Taggart
Melvin and Eunice Tarum
David and Betty Taylor
Lawrence and Susan Taylor
Lisa Taylor
Ben and Stella Thiessen
Bruce and Verbie Thiessen
David and Kristin Thiessen
Gregory and Heather Thiessen
Charleen Thomas
James and Beth Thomas
Verla Thomason
Kent Thompson
Roxanna Thompson
Doris Tilton
Adrian and Joyce Tolle
Bob and Sondra Tolle
Cameron and Addie Traxson
Glynis Trow
Richard and Barbara Tuxhorn
Travis and Lindsay Tyler


Doug and Kathie Unruh
Becky Urban
Dennis and Diane Ureche
USD #418 Education Fund


Rita Valencia
Jan and Meg Van Asselt
Albert and Ruth Van Teighem Sr.
Angela Varvel
Michael and Renee Vernon
Visual Arts Alliance
Kelly and Laura Vogts
Mark and Joyce Vogts


Alan and Deb Wagoner
Bruce and Barbara Wagoner
Karl and Setsuko Waldhauer
Kurt Waldhauer
Gary and Susan Walker
Eric and Patricia Wall
Barbara Wallace
Christopher and Catrina Wallace
Wallace Chevrolet
Jay and Amy Warner
Bryan and Penny Warren
Greg and Chantel Warren
Robert Watts
Benjamin and Kyleen Weber
Norman and Nadine Wedel
We-Kan, Inc.
Keith and Debi Werth
Thomas and Cheryl Whalen
Sheryl White
R. Julynn Whitlock
Richard and Pam Wilborn
Ruthe Willems
Elizabeth Williams
Larry and Xan Williams
Marc and Carla Williamson
Charles and Sharon Willis
Carolyn Wilson
Jamie Winans
Rachel Winans
Aggie Windholz
Robert and Anita Wise
Wise & Reber
James and Sarah Wiseman
Terran and Tina Woolley
Thomas Worthing


Jason Yang
Richard and Jerri Yeargan
Joseph and Lisa Young
Michael and Patricia Yowell


Leah Zweigle


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