Current Financial Statements

The McPherson County Community Foundation recognizes trust as one of our four main values as an organization. Therefore, as a public charity, we adhere to the highest standards of operational excellence and are confirmed in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

Current Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Position 12.31.22

Form 990 Return

2022 990 Tax return

Audited Financial Statements

6-30-23 Issued Financial Statements

The McPherson County Community Foundation is required by IRS regulations to submit Form 990 reflecting all contributions, grants, investments and operating expenses related to the organization. Copies of Form 990 and to the extent the organization may need to file Form 990-T will be available upon request. Copies of the independent, financial audit of the McPherson County Community Foundation will also be made available upon request.


 Grant guidelines, gift acceptance policies, and investment policies have been established by the MCCF Board of Directors as guidance for basic operations. Copies of each policy or guidelines are also available upon request.