Investment Strategy


At the McPherson County Community Foundation, it’s our responsibility to match donors’ wishes with the needs of the community while committing to the following philosophy for investing funds.

  • The foundation is investing for the long-term.
  • The foundation does not invade the principal of its endowment.
  • The foundation pools its permanent endowment gifts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The foundation accounts for each individual donor’s fund separately (as in a mutual fund).
  • The foundation exercises prudent investment practices and complies with state and federal requirements.
  • The foundation has a volunteer investment committee that provides broad guidance and reviews and modifies asset allocation.
  • The foundation may hire professional investment consultants and managers as deemed by the Board of Directors to execute the Foundation’s investment strategies to meet performance expectations using the Foundation’s guidelines and investment goals.

Spending Policy

The McPherson County Community Foundation Endowment Fund spending rate will be set at a level that can reasonably be expected to allow for real growth of endowment principal over time given the asset allocation policy and long-term performance results. The Finance/Investment Committee will recommend a minimum spending rate subject to board approval regardless of current year fund performance, subject to minimum requirements and donors instruction.

 Investment Summary

Updated quarterly, investment performance is calculated and recorded to ensure the asset classes are in accordance with MCCF’s asset allocations.