Legacy Society of McPherson County

The McPherson County Community Foundation strives to help donors create funds that reflect their charitable goals. Grants are made from endowment earnings to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations to enhance healthcare, education, arts and culture, environment, civic and human services or other charitable initiatives selected by donors.

It is easy to say “thank you” when a gift is outright, already in hand. It is harder when the gift was deferred and may not actually mature for many years upon the donor’s death. Sadly, the community foundation may not learn of the gift until it is too late to say “thank you”.

The Legacy Society of McPherson County hopes to recognize planned gift donors during their lifetimes. This is our way to acknowledge donors who have made a planned gift to the foundation and to ensure the gift matches the donor’s original charitable intent.

How will my gift be used?

A planned gift in the amount of $10,000 or more is considered a donor advised or designated endowed fund. You or your family will be asked to determine which organizations will be the recipient of the annual return. Gifts of less than $10,000 will be added to an existing fund as selected by the donor.

Membership Criteria

Donors become a member of The Living Legacy of McPherson by making a planned gift to the community foundation in one or more of the following ways:

  • Making the foundation the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. Participating in a group policy on a single insured also qualifies.
  • Making a new or revised will that directs a percentage, fixed amount, or remainder interest for an endowment fund. Substantiation is requested, but not required.
  • Creating an irrevocable trust, life estate or other deferred gift agreement that gives all or a portion of the assets for an endowment fund.



Tim and Terri Bornholdt
Dan and Colleen Bruce
Lonny and Laura Bruce
Brice and Celeste Carlson
Fayneta Campbell
Doyle E. and Charlotte A. Davidson
Elaine Fleenor
Bill and Gwen Gately
Todd and Becky Goss
Randee Koger
Glen and Kerri Snell