Our People

As a tax exempt organization, the McPherson County Community Foundation is directed by volunteer board of directors representing the various communities located throughout the McPherson County.

Board Members

September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017
CHAIR: Zac Hoppes, Farmers State Bank 
VICE-CHAIR: Megan Spencer, Alliance Agency, Inc. 
TREASURER: Bill Gately, retired

Terri Bornholdt, Raleigh Insurance
Bob Kohrs, Pfizer
Fern Hess, McPherson County Health Department
Glen Snell, Ameriprise Financial Services
Julie Milleson, CHS
Rick Tuxhorn, McPherson College
Andrew Rush, American Maplan
Tom Kramer, McPherson County
Cary Steiner, CHS


Becky Goss, President/CEO

Celeste Carlson, Director of Community Services

Jessi Boughfman, Administrative Assistant