Contributing to a Fund

Three Easy Steps to Give:

Step 1. Select Fund Type.
Step 2. Select the Fund Name.
Step 3. Contribute.

Anyone can make a gift to the Foundation. Donors to the Foundation come from a variety of backgrounds with a common commitment to the community’s well being. Whether creating a named fund, contributing to an existing fund, making a gift in memory of a friend or loved one, or making an unrestricted gift to the Community Fund for McPherson county, every person in the community can make a difference.

You may also choose to establish a named fund. This link will take you through the process.

Unrestricted Funds

With our ever-changing community needs and priorities, it is the Unrestricted gift that is the most valuable and enduring for a community. Unrestricted funds are for donors who have broad community interests and want to give the Foundation the most flexibility in directing the donor’s resources toward challenges and opportunities in the county.

Community Fund for McPherson County
Administrative Fund

Field of Interest

A field of interest recognizes there are changes that will need addressed over, but is restricted to a certain “field”. Examples are health, youth, seniors or education. FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS.

Designated/Agency Funds

If you wish to contribute a designated organization or project, click DESIGNATED/AGENCY FUNDS.


The McPherson County Community Foundation administers affiliate funds for the Moundridge and Inman communities. To learn more about about both, click on one of the following links:

Moundridge Community Foundation
Inman Community Foundation