Agency Fund at MCCF


An agency fund at the McPherson County Community Foundation allows your charitable organization to receive and utilize an annual financial distribution based on the funds earnings and the MCCF Spending Policy.

Advantages of an Agency Fund at MCCF

More than 25 nonprofit organizations have established agency funds at the McPherson County Community Foundation.

Services provided include:

  • Professional Investment Management
    Agency funds are placed into our investment pools with other assets of the McPherson County Community Foundation to build and preserve the funds in perpetuity. An agency fund relieves your organization’s staff and Board of Directors from the accounting and management of its invested funds.
  • Increased Organizational Visibility
    Nonprofits organizations with agency funds at MCCF join our larger giving community. Agency funds are featured on MCCF’s webpage and named in publications throughout the year. We work to offer donors an opportunity to support your organization ensuring long-term security, particularly through an endowment fund.
  • Cost-Efficient Administration
    MCCF staff processes all gift acknowledgements and provides your organization with quarterly statements of fund activity.
  • Acceptance of a Variety of Assets
    We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving, including cash, real estate, closely-held securities and much more.
  • Planned Giving Services
    MCCF administers charitable gifts through planned giving, which can include direct gifts to agency funds. MCCF serves as a partner by administering the gifts and working with potential donors and their professional advisors to answer gift planning inquiries.

Opening an Agency Fund