Donor Advised Funds

This type of fund allows the donor and his or her heirs to recommend grants for a different charitable purpose each year providing great flexibility to the donor while avoiding the costs and demands of a private foundation. The donor recommends the recipients of earnings from a donor advised fund. Qualified recipients are organizations with a 501(c)3 designation located throughout the United States or foreign country.

Ameriprise Financial Community Enhancement Fund
Peg Ball Charitable Fund
Robert Baldwin Family Fund
Billings Family Fund
Tim & Terri Bornholdt Family
Wise & Reber Community Enhancement Fund
MEB Butler Fund
JE & Mildred Chisholm Fund
Culver Family Fund
Janice Doering Education Fund
Flaherty Family Fund
Gaeddert Family Fund
Gifts of Love Fund
Kenneth and Dorothy Goering Family Fund
Todd and Janell Harman Family Fund
Hargadine Family Fund
Hueske Family Fund
Janzen Family Fund
Charles D. Johnson Fund
Charles & Lucy Johnson Family Fund
Dick & Joan Johnson Fund
Ernest & Louise Johnson Fund
James M. Johnson Fund
Kelly and Sharon Long Family Fund
Malone Charity Fund
David & Jaymie O’Dell Family Fund
McPherson Optimist – John Watkins Memorial
Poulseen Family Fund
McPherson Rotary Club Fund
Ramona R. Fries Fund
Terry Reyher Camp Colorado Fund
Glen and Kerri Snell Family Fund
Larry & Lorna Lehmberg Stroup Fund
Sharps Creek Fund
Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd Fund
Swinehart Legacy Fund
T & J Fund
Donald L. & Elisabeth A. Ullom Family Fund
Waldhauer Memorial Fund
Warren Family Fund
Williams Family Fund
Christy Wittig Memorial Fund
Richard L. Mettlen Christmas Cheer for Seniors Fund