About MCCF

The McPherson County Community Foundation serves the common good for its residents, building strong communities by engaging people in philanthropy and developing a permanent endowment to provide resources, now and for generations to come.

In 2001, the McPherson County Community Foundation was established to build charitable endowments and serve donors. We strive to help donors create funds that reflect their charitable goals. Through long-term investment of capital given by individuals, organizations, and corporations, MCCF makes grants to enhance the quality of life in the community. Grants may benefit youth, education, arts and culture, human services, health care, or other charitable purposes as designated by donors.

The McPherson County Community Foundation offers you a way to leave a remembrance of your life, your values, and your family. People give through, not to, the community foundation. We honor the donor’s wishes to ensure gifts we receive endure for generations to come.

When giving to the community foundation, a donor enjoys:

Grants are made only from the fund income keeping the gifts to the Foundation permanent. By maintaining the principal value of each fund, annual earnings can support community programs throughout the year.

You can establish a named fund or remain anonymous, choose general charitable purposes or very specific one, your gift may be modest or large, and you may choose the frequency of distribution. The Foundation also accepts a variety of assets beyond cash contributions.

Pooled Resources
By pooling contributions, management costs are lower than if you were to purchase these services individually. This means more of your money is used for charitable purposes.

Professional Management
Our staff relieves you of the administrative and legal responsibilities normally associated with private foundations and general philanthropy.

Knowledge of the community
The Foundation remains current on issues facing our every changing community. We understand the opportunities and needs in McPherson County so that grants will be targeted where they will do the most good.

Our People

Financial Information



The McPherson County Community Foundation is required by IRS regulations to submit Form 990 reflecting all contributions, grants, investments and operating expenses related to the organization. Copies of Form 990 and to the extent the organization may need to file Form 990-T will be available upon request. Copies of the independent, financial audit of the McPherson County Community Foundation will also be made available upon request.


Grant guidelines, gift acceptance policies, and investment policies have been established by the MCCF Board of Directors as guidance for basic operations. Copies of each policy or guidelines are also available upon request.