Trade/Technical Scholarships

Application Process

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Applications are due February 15 each year. Once the application process is closed, applications are sent to each selection committee. Reviewers independently “score” each application. The highest-ranking applicant is considered the recipient of the scholarship. If there is a tie between top candidates, the selection is based on the candidate matching the preference as identified in the fund agreement.

Scholarship agreements are sent to each recipient requesting school and student identification information for distribution. It must be received before scholarship checks are mailed to the school at the beginning of August.


Trade/Technical Scholarships

Hunter Emerson Lineman Scholarship. Hunter Emerson always wanted to be a lineman, and he knew it from the time he was five years old. At kindergarten graduation, they asked Hunter what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said, “I want to be a lineman just like my dad.” He never wavered and never even had a backup plan. There were tons of obstacles in his way, but he never gave up. Hunter graduated from Pratt Community College with an Electrical Powerline Technology degree in 2020. From there, he was invited to the Evergy boot camp, where he earned first place and landed a job at Evergy. The Hunter D. Emerson Lineman Scholarship is a tribute to Hunter and all of his accomplishments in becoming a lineman and following his dream. One (1) $500 scholarship will be awarded to a high school graduate planning to pursue a career as a Lineman. Preference given to Moundridge High School graduates.

The Kansas American Tooling Scholarship, in memory of Kenton Gearhart, was established for candidates living in McPherson County, Kansas.  Candidates must intend to work in the plastics industry as a production worker, machinist or toolmaker, engineer or technologist/technician, business manager, or teach of metalworking tradesman. One (1) $750 scholarship will be awarded.

The Edwin T. Pyle Scholarship is open to graduating seniors who plan on attending a vocational or trade school. Students must be residents of McPherson County. One (1) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. (More information on Edwin T. Pyle)

The Max L. Starkey Scholarship is open to graduating seniors of McPherson High School who plan on attending a vocational or trade school.  One (1) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. (More information on Max L. Starkey)

The Wanda M. Wash Memorial Scholarship is open to graduating seniors of McPherson High School and adults and are affiliated with the McPherson First Christian Church who plan to pursue their education at a trade school or military school.  Up to Two (2), $250 scholarships will be awarded.