Steps to Setting up a Fund


Ready to put your ideas into action? In five simple steps, your philanthropic work begins with MCCF.

Step 1: Choose a type of fund

We offer six types of funds at the McPherson County Community Foundation. Take our Find Your Fund quiz to determine how we can help you meet your charitable intentions.

Step 2: Decide what type of gift you will make

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through deferred giving, including cash, real estate, wills and revocable trusts and much more.

Step 3: Determine the longevity of your gift

After you decide what type of fund you’re interested in, you must determine whether your gift (with the exception of an Unrestricted Fund gift) will be endowed or non-endowed. We’re happy to help you decide whether you want the gift to last forever, or if your intention is to make an immediate, yet short-term impact.

An endowment means MCCF invests the capital and only the interest generated from the investment is used to issue grants. The initial investment is never touched, ensuring that your gift is a permanent source of funding for our community.

A non-endowed fund utilizes your donated capital in its entirety.

Step 4: Set up a fund

Once you determine the type of fund that you’re interested in, we will finalize the process through our fund agreement forms.

Sample Fund Agreements

Supporting Documents

Step 5: Contact our staff

Once you have determined the type of fund that you’re interested in and reviewed a sample fund agreement, contact us. We look forward to exploring the possibility of opening a fund at the McPherson County Community Foundation with you.