Opening an Agency Fund

Ready to put your ideas into action? In three simple steps, your organization can begin its charitable journey with MCCF.

Step 1: Decide on investment amount

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving, including cash, real estate, wills and revocable trusts and much more. An Agency fund requires a minimum balance of $10,000 in order to make annual distributions. A minimum gift of $100 can used to establish the fund and then work to build the balance over time.

Step 2: Determine the longevity of the fund

An agency fund can be endowed or expendable.

An endowment means MCCF invests the capital and provides your organization with an annual income from the fund, dependent upon investment market performance. The initial investment remains un-touched, ensuring that your gift is a permanent source of funding for your organization to use according to your guidelines.

An expendable fund utilizes your donated capital in its entirety. If invested in our pool of funds, an agency is required to sign an Investment Agreement indicating an understanding funds are at risk for market gains/losses. If intended to use in a more short-term manner, funds will be invested in money market or CD accounts. If/when all of the capital has been administered according to your guidelines, the fund ceases to exist.

Step 3: Contact our staff

Once your organization has reviewed a sample fund agreement, contact us. We look forward to exploring the possibility of establishing an agency fund with your organization at the McPherson County Community Foundation.


Sample Fund Agreements

Supporting documents

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