Community foundaitons have earned the trust of thousands of professional advisors throughout the United States. Here’s why:

We work through you. We provide support, information and expertise related to charitable giving option.

We partner with you. Studies have shown many high net worth individuals are expecting to talk about giving as they make financial plans with their advisors. They will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve by working with a community foundation.

We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish Donor Advised Funds at their community foundaiton, you begin an ongoing process of involvement with current and future generations.

Is giving through a community foundation right for your clients?
Seven questions for estate and financial advisors:

  1. Do I have clients who care deeply about their local community?
  2. Do they give to more than one charitable cause?
  3. Are they interested in creating a personal or family legacy in their community?
  4. Are they considering the creation of a private foundation, but concerned about cost and administrative complexity?
  5. Would they like to stay personally involved in the use of their gift dollars?
  6. Do they want to receive maximum tax benefits for their charitable contributions under federal lwa?
  7. Do they place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your clients would benefit from knowing more about their local community foundation. We would be happy to help you make an introduction.

The McPherson County Community Foundation is required by IRS regulations to submit Form 990 reflecting all contributions, grants, investments and operating expenses related to the organization. Copies of Form 990 and to the extent the organization may need to file Form 990-T will be available upon request. Copies of the independent, financial audit of the McPherson County Community Foundation will also be made available upon request.
 Grant guidelines, gift acceptance policies, and investment policies have been established by the MCCF Board of Directors as guidance for basic operations. Copies of each policy or guidelines are also available upon request.
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