Youth Advisory Council

What is the Youth Advisory Council?

A county-wide group of young volunteers, ages 13 to 18, who analyze the needs within their communities and grant money to local organizations who in turn meet those designated needs. The Council also raises funds for local grant pools and programs, as well as encourages young people to become actively involved through volunteerism and philanthropic action within the local communities.

How are Youth Advisory Council Members chosen and what do they do?

Formal Methods:

  • Selection by the YAC with or without an application process
  • Nominations from principals, teachers, counselors, or other school personnel
  • Selection by staff from youth service agencies
  • Nomination by the superintendent and then selection by the YAC
  • Selection by each community represented on the YAC

Informal Methods:

  • Word of mouth
  • Taking anyone interested in serving

What does the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) do?

  • Assess needs within their communities that concern young people
  • Identify assets that address the concerns of youth in their communities
  • Screen proposals
  • Make grants
  • Fundraise
  • Encourage youth volunteerism
  • Evaluate funded projects
  • Participate in community service

Excerpts from Lessons Learned from the Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project 1991-1997 which can be obtained by contacting the Council of Michigan Foundations at (616)842-7080 or by visiting their website at


Canton-Galva Council Members

Logan Dawes
Kaylee Littrell
Chris Miller
Alex McKim
Ashley Nightingale
Kelli Nightingale
Amanda Schmalzried
Trey Wedel
Lane Wiens
Reed Wiens
Kim Witt,  Adult Advisor

McPherson Council Members

Ano Chikunya – President
Ty Goss – Vice-President
Lindsey Miller – Secretary
Janae McKinney – Treasurer
Claire Wiens – Media Liaison
McKenzie Becker
Leigh Hughes
Thomas Smith
Brianna Bradley
Hannah Kirchner
Maisie Edmonson
Kenzie Goering
Sheridan Scott
Sean Reynolds


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