Building Blocks: Building Funds, Building Future

Building Blocks: Building Funds, Building Future

The McPherson USD 418 Education Foundation announced a million endowment goal at a recent reception highlighting the 2014 teacher grants. A careful review of the annual grant distributions illustrated nearly half of the annual requests for educational enhancements are not met by the fund’s current balance. To closely match the amount requested with the available amount, the Education Foundation’s Board of Directors set $1 million in principal funds as the goal. Based on a 5% annual distribution rate, most of the requests can be approved, ultimately meeting more of the student’s educational needs.


Tiffany Pacey and students describe the Lego Robotics program.


The Education Foundation serves as a way in which citizens and organizations may impact the quality of educational opportunities in McPherson. It’s based on the concept that public education can be endowed in the same method as higher education through a broad-based system of local community support. By pooling tax deductible donations, the Foundation will provide a fund for strengthening public schools to enhance McPherson’s future. The Foundation has developed a partnership with the McPherson County Community Foundation.

Funds are used exclusively for a variety of educational classroom activities or for programs that directly benefit students while supporting school improvement efforts and the district’s curriculum. Funds in no way replace state or local funds for school operating expenses. They are not used for teachers’ salaries.

The Foundation was started by a group who believed that the quality of life in a community is directly related to the quality of its educational system. Incorporated in May 1990, the Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees comprised of a cross section of the community.


Show us the Instrument

“It truly is an honor to have you (the Education Foundation) help fund us because we wouldn’t be able to have these instruments or do a lot of the activities with the kids.  So we really thank you so much.

Cheryl Flaming ~ Washington Elementary Music Teacher

A night with Dr. Seuss

“Every three and four year old child will get a book… that’s what the bulk of the grant is… so that children will have books in their home.  And then tonight we are just really playing up Dr. Seuss and literacy… and the whole catch is educating parents about reading and literacy in the home.”

Penny Stoss ~ Director of Early Childhood USD418

Lego Robotics

“They’re using math skills, they’re using science skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, teamwork skills… so there are a lot of skills that they are actually learning through play and hands on building.  I’m very thankful for the Education Foundation and I feel very blessed that they provided those funds for our school.”

Tiffany Pacey ~ Eisenhower Elementary 4th grade teacher


The McPherson Education Foundation offers grants each year to USD 418 educators in four categories:

  1. Grants to teachers—fund projects designed by teachers to support school improvement efforts and a focus on student outcomes.
  2. Grants for Experts—fund resource people in an effort to enrich educational opportunities.
  3. School Grants—fund school improvement efforts by supporting building or district strategies as stated in their improvement plans.
  4. Professional Growth and Development Grants—fund staff development.

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