New campaign goal – $24 million by 2020

New campaign goal – $24 million by 2020

Promoting a Culture of Philanthropy

McPherson County residents are recognized for their philanthropic support of organizations and generosity for local people in need. MCCF board and staff are focused on building a permanent financial base for all nonprofits to provide services to care for those in need and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

The mission of the McPherson County Community Foundation is to serve the common good for its residents, building strong communities by engaging people in philanthropy and developing a permanent endowment to provide resources, now and for generations to come. To implement our mission, the board of directors has developed a three part strategic plan centered on endowments for sustainability; nonprofit services; and serving as a leader and facilitator on community initiatives and improvements.

A community foundation’s greatest gift to the area served is the promotion of philanthropy for ALL residents. Living a philanthropic lifestyle is beneficial for McPherson County residents. The Foundation’s focus is to continually work in the promotion and development of the time, talents and treasures of all residents. Each aspect of the 2020 strategic plan are for residents at all ages, economic and educational backgrounds.

Growing for GOOD….Nonprofit Services

Services by local nonprofit organizations are a vital part of our communities. Their ability to provide these services is dependent on multi-faceted levels of funding and human resources. The Foundation’s strategic plan includes capacity building through programming or activities to assist organizations or groups facilitate their mission.

  • Ongoing training, technical assistance and other opportunities for organizations to further their mission and educate staff or board members.
  • Provide organizations with endowment development tools to establish or strengthen funds for their organizations. Tools include organizational assessments, training programs, goal setting formulas and guidelines for endowment development.
  • Sponsor The Foundation Center’s Funding Research Library for nonprofits seeking grant opportunities from private and public foundations and government grants.
  • Match annual distribution field of interest funds with organizational needs.
  • Host Match Day events to increase the impact of donor contributions.

Growing for EVER…..Endowments

Increase endowment funds to $24 million as a permanent resource to serve  the current and future needs of McPherson County residents.

Based on the projected transfer of wealth numbers, approximately $236 million in McPherson County will transfer from one generation to the next by the end of 2020. Securing a conservative 5% of this wealth for charitable purposes allows for $11.8 million being added to endowments or expendable funds in McPherson County. For the Foundation, this 5% capture would result in $550,000 in ADDITIONAL grant funds to organizations and individuals each year.

A targeted portion of the endowment is increasing the unrestricted community fund from $700,000 to $1.7 million. This fund serves a particularly important purpose because it allows the Board of Directors the freedom to develop programs and award grants to address the needs of the community as they change over time. The Foundation’s goal with the funds is to improve the quality of life for all in our community.

Growing for YOU…..Convener

Philanthropy is defined as an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes. To promote philanthropy in McPherson County will mean every resident understands how their gifts can be matched with the community needs. To achieve this goal, the Foundation will serve as a convener and leader to the community.

  • Educational programs for donors, professionals, and nonprofit representatives will be conducted one-two times each year to meet the ever changing needs of each segment served by the Foundation.
  • Continued recognition of local philanthropists serving the greater good through the Philanthropist of the Year program.
  • Financial assistance beyond Foundation grants through Impact Investing. The Foundation will facilitate the opportunity for Nonprofits to access capital to develop products and services not adequately served in the existing marketplace.
  • Facilitate organizational collaboration to serve larger purposes that work to meet needs of the entire community and expand services.

To learn more of the campaign, please call Becky Goss, President/CEO at 620.245.9070 or email