Inman Community Foundation to host 2nd Annual Match Day

Inman Community Foundation to host 2nd Annual Match Day

The Inman Community Foundation will be hosting its second annual Match Day event Wednesday, Feb. 17.


Match Day provides a unique opportunity for community members to support local organizations through matching donations by the Inman Community Foundation.  This year’s event will allow individuals to make donations both in person and online.


“Match Day is a fantastic opportunity to double your dollars and double your impact for your favorite Inman organization,” said Terri Borhnholdt, Inman Community Foundation President. “The event allows you to put your money where your passion is. Each of these organizations makes a huge contribution to our lives in Inman in their own way. Supporting one or all on Match Day makes their work go further.”


All donations made during the event will be matched by the Inman Community Foundation, up to $15,000. All donations will go directly to the organizations to build long-term funds, continue an organization’s ongoing mission or fund immediate programming needs. Donations must be a minimum of $25 to be eligible for matching dollars.


To participate in this year’s Match Day, individuals can make donations in person from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Inman Community Building or online at from 7a.m. to 6 p.m. An individual can contribute to as many different organizations as they like.  Only donations accepted on Match Day will be eligible for the matching funds.


Organizations eligible to receive matching funds as part of this year’s Match Day are: Inman Public Library; Inman Needs Fund; Inman Museum; Inman Community Foundation Unrestricted/Grants Fund; Inman, USD 448; Parks and Recreation Fund; Medical Assistance Fund; Inman Senior Center; and Inman Arts Council.


The Inman Community Foundation has a mission of serving and supporting the individuals and organizations of Inman. Through the annual Match Day event, the Community Foundation can use funds to help local organization support their mission and ongoing efforts. The 2015 Match Day event generated $16,985 in donations from 52 different donors.


To learn more about the Inman Community Foundation, visit it’s website at