Over $16,000 raised in six hours for local organizations

Over $16,000 raised in six hours for local organizations

Over $16,000 raised in six hours for local organizations

The second annual Moundridge Community Foundation raised $16,104 during the six hour blitz.  Between 7 am and 1 pm on November 5, donors contributed to help one or more of the eight participating organizations leverage $15,000 in match and $1,500 in prize incentives.


Matching funds were made possible by the Moundridge Community Foundation unrestricted pool of funds.  The unrestricted fund allows the Foundation to make grants addressing current and emerging needs with proactive grant making since donors do not place grant or use restrictions on the fund. Prizes were sponsored by Citizen’s State Bank and Mid-Kansas Credit Union.


All donations were placed in the organization endowment funds administered by the Foundation. An endowment is invested for the purpose of producing present and future income for distribution to a named organization or donor designated annually. An organizational endowment, such as for the Match Day participants, provides a permanent income source to be used for operating, programming or special projects as determined by the organization’s board.


The maximum matching amount an organization could receive was $3,000. Angel’s Attic and Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association both exceeded the maximum. Other organizations received a dollar for dollar match based on the amount received in private donations.


Each organization was given marketing material including posters, insert cards, donor letters and flyers to promote the day. The response was overwhelming and donors demonstrated they are willing to support gifts centered on building strong endowments to secure an organization’s future.


The Moundridge Community Foundation was established in 2010 to provide an endowment whose earnings can be used as a granting resource for a wide variety of non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve health care, human services, education, arts and culture or other charitable initiatives which enhance the Moundridge community.


Board members are: Fred Schrag, Chair; Rick Krehbiel, Vice-Chair; Joyce Vogts, Secretary; Ken Stucky; Carol Hueske; Ryan Goering, and Hilarie Hecox.