GROW II Challenge Complete

GROW II Challenge Complete

For the past six years the Moundridge Community Foundation worked to earn $300,000 in matching grant funds from the Kansas Health Foundation. On December 31st that goal was met.

The money was earned in $1:$2 and $1:$4 increments. The matching money from the Kansas Health Foundation was split between an operating endowment and a health endowment. A goal of the GROW II initiative was to make any participating community foundation more sustainable. During the match period (2012-2017) the Moundridge Community Foundation and eligible organizational endowments grew by a combined $1,199,607:

  • Moundridge Community Fund grew a total of $586,898
  • Moundridge Public Health Fund grew a total of $155,484
  • Ten Organizational Endowment Funds grew a total of $260,338
  • Operation Endowment grew a total of $167,837

The people of Moundridge and friends of the community made this possible. “Your gifts will have a tremendous impact on our community. With our endowments, resources are always available for local programs and projects that effect local residents,” said Rick Krehbiel, chair of the Moundridge Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Each summer Moundridge Community Foundation opens a competitive grant cycle then selects and funds programs demonstrating innovative ideas or critical needs, which can range from health and human services, to the arts, to parks and nature. In 2017 the foundation awarded more than $22,000 in grants and have awarded a total of $82,000 in grants since 2010. Match day funds totaling $60,000 have also been awarded to Moundridge organizations.

Thank you Moundridge Community for your generous giving so the foundation can enrich people and programs to make a greater impact for years to come!

Board members of the Moundridge Community Foundation are: Rick Krehbiel, Ken Stucky, Hilarie Hecox, Carol Hueske, Fred Schrag, Ryan Goering and Dwight Willis.