Lindsborg residents encouraged to review and comment on David Nutt grant requests

Lindsborg residents encouraged to review and comment on David Nutt grant requests

Twelve applicants have applied to the second round of the David Nutt 2019 grant round. Funds are to be used to benefit the community of Lindsborg and further Mr. Nutt’s vision of nurturing the progress of the entire Lindsborg community through educational enrichment, quality health and wellness, and community economic development.

Because grants are designed the benefit the entire community, local residents are invited to share their views on the submitted requests. A survey is available between February 1 -28, 2019 at  or by clicking on the QR Code below. Information from the survey will be used by the grant selection committee to determine the final recipients. Grant dollars totaling $210,000 will be awarded to selected organizations in the spring of 2019.

The Lindsborg/DN Fund was established in 2004 by former resident, David J. Nutt. He felt growing up in Lindsborg provided him with a strong foundation which ensured his success in his career and personal life. His goal was to give back to the community and hopefully build a fund that would provide others with that same positive experience.

Each year, a portion of the earnings from the fund’s investments will be used to support local programs and projects. This year a total of $235,000 was available for grants. The McPherson County Community Foundation, administrators of the fund, split the awards into two segments, round one at $25,000 and round two at $210,000. Round one recipients are as follows:

  • Bethany Lutheran Church, KICK (Kids in Christ’s Kingdom) Meals Program, $2000
    KICK is a community after school program for Kindergarten through 6th graders.  The program is sponsored by Bethany and Messiah churches.  More than half of the participants are from the community and not members of either church.  60 to 80 kids attend the program weekly.  Grant money will be used to pay for a family meal served at the end of KICK.  The meals are served family style to promote good manners and conversation between the children and adults.
  • Lindsborg Landmark Concert Series, $2500
    The Lindsborg Landmark Concert Series provides free musical concerts at unique venues in and around the community of Lindsborg. The goal is to provide a wide variety of musical styles at locations that you would not normally expect to see a concert.
  • Smoky Valley Schools’ Recycling Program, $1000
    Currently, USD 400 School System does not have an adequate recycling program in place other than for cardboard. These recyclables are being thrown in the trash instead of being used for their full potential. I am proposing that if we recycle these items instead of sending them into our trash, and ultimately the landfill, we will reduce the annual cost of waste disposal, and set a good example for the future of members of our society. Due to budget cuts, our school system cannot fund a recycling program. Therefore, we will be seeking yearly on going funding for this program. In the future, we plan on expanding into the other schools within our community.
  • The Study and Preservation of Lindsborg Folk Costumes, $1500
    There is a connection to Sweden in the folk costumes that were brought to the community by immigrants. This project continues the documentation of the development and changes in the traditional Lindsborg Folk Costume in three ways:  an exhibit during Hyllningsfest, a book documenting the first two costume exhibits (2015/2017), and a series of slide shows of costumes gathered from family photos throughout the community. Grant monies will be used to purchase dress forms to display the costumes, archival storage products to store donated costumes, and to develop a specific marketing plan via banners and life-size cut-outs to advertise and promote attendance at the costume exhibit.
  • World Champion Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess, $1600
    Karpov School is in need of new equipment: computer and software, printer, boards in playing and back rooms. Equipment will be used for: tournaments; lessons; operating; advertising; and bookkeeping.
  • The Lindsborg Svensk Folkdrakt, $2000
    The Svensk Folkdrakt is a collection of Swedish Folk costumes designed by two local artists. The collection has been proclaimed by Mayor Becky Anderson as the Lindsborg Community Swedish Folk Costume.  All the details of the costume tell a vivid story of Lindsborg’s Swedish American heritage.  The Lindsborg Community helped to design the costume by choosing the colors that they felt best represented The Smoky Valley.  The collection includes a costume for men, women, boys and girls.  This grant would pay for the production of patterns of the costumes so that they can be available to the general public in time to be made for Lindsborg’s Sesquicentennial celebration.
  • Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, Messiah Lutheran Church Sprout House Collaboration, $2400
    For one year the Messiah Lutheran Church, has partnered with The Sprout House Learning Center to provide safe and affordable childcare to families. Messiah was looking for a local mission project to fund when The Sprout House approached The Church about using space for their expanding center.  The collaboration was also put into place due to The Church’s close proximity to Bethany College.  The idea was to bring together agencies to not only offer quality, affordable child care, but to offer educational experiences to college students. In this grant we are asking for funds to help cover the expected increase in expenses that have been identified in the first year of operation.
  • Lindsborg Holiday Lighting, $2000
    Community volunteers have approached Lindsborg’s Ad Hoc Business Roundtable after assessing the current holiday lighting downtown and on the Valkommen Bridge, requesting funds to replace old lighting and additional funding to add to lighting needed to trees that have outgrown current lighting inventory.  The holiday lighting is essential to the town’s bright and friendly environment and planned activities for residents and visitors alike.
  • Broadway RFD Broadway RFD New Lighting Equipment, $2500
    The request is to purchase four new LED lights to use during our outdoor summer productions. These lights would enhance our shows, and the audiences’ experience. Broadway RFD will then purchase the extra equipment needed to use the new lights. Lighting is imperative to outdoor theatre, and finding the right, durable, and weatherproof lights in necessary when putting on an outdoor summer show. $4,686.00
  • Lindsborg Seating Program, $2000
    This project is to provide seating options for visitors and locals of Lindsborg in our downtown area. Lindsborg is a destination due it’s festivals and vibrancy thus seating is something needed on our main street. Having it would greatly enhance a visitor’s experience especially those that are elderly and physically in need. We are confident seating would be heavily utilized on a daily basis. The funds we are requesting are to kick off and show available seating options that will be part of an on-going program in which community members and organizations may purchase benches in memorial or commemoration of individuals and/or events.
  • Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County, Lindsborg Coach Position, $4000
    The Coach is the primary staff person who builds relationships with Team Leaders (people in poverty) and Team Partners (community members who are in middle or upper economic classes who agree to build intentional relationships with a person in poverty.) The coach connects Team Leaders with resources to address short term roadblocks (help with utility bills, resolution of disputes, medical resources, etc.) and long term goals (better job, transportation, support networks, social capital). The coach intentionally builds relationships within the STEPMC community and runs the Monday night program meetings.
  • Svensk Hyllningsfest, Inc., Hyllningsfest Sound & Tent Rentals, $1500
    The Svensk Hyllningsfest will be celebrating our 78th year in 2019, as we continue to make this festival inviting to all members and our guests we strive for it to be as free to attend. While we offer multiple opportunities to generate funds to support the festival, it’s grants like these that also play a large role. We are requesting funding this year to support funding for sound equipment and tent rental. These two items ensure that our festival can produce quality performances for our guests that entertain, involve and promote our Swedish heritage.