Flight Simulator coming to town!

Flight Simulator coming to town!

This morning, as I look out the front window onto Main Street, I see a dark, gloomy, windy day. BLEH! Is it still night time? My body tells me, “Yes, you should go back to bed and snuggle under your warm blankets.” The hour on the clock says, “Get to work, sister!”

It’s hump day and I’m ready for some inspiration of community good to get me through the day.

Oh, you, too?!

Vundebar! Let me tell you about one of my favorite grants so far this year…

In February, a grant was approved for the Youth Aviation Programs Association to finish a full flight simulator to be located at the McPherson airport. The simulator, made from pvc pipe, has the technological capacity to teach the physics of flight, ground school, flight safety and flight simulation awareness!

That alone is enough to raise my energy levels high enough to throw out my coffee. Okay, maybe not really…

The simulator will be located at the McPherson airport and will be open to the public. That means any one of us who have ever thought about trying to fly can check out this system. Participants will get to see and feel what it is like to fly an airplane, even if they don’t have access to a traditional aircraft. Best of all, it will be open and free to the general public!

The main focus, however, is to introduce students to the world of flight. Schools will be invited to tour the airport and students will get to see this wonderful STEM tool. They will be allowed to learn principles of flight in a way that is familiar – almost like a gaming system! Additionally, as they continue to visit the airport to use the simulator, they will gain knowledge related to careers in the aviation field. According to Boeing and CAE, the future demand for commercial pilots will continue to increase worldwide. This initial taste of flight has the potential to help feed the pilot pipeline.

Personally, our family does not have a gaming system at home. So, I’m excited to get a chance to try a system that provides some fun and a practical learning experience. Want to join me? Keep watching our Facebook page for updates on when the simulator will be installed and ready for use.