Survey Open for Lindsborg David Nutt Fund Grant Applications

Survey Open for Lindsborg David Nutt Fund Grant Applications

The McPherson County Community Foundation — administrators of the David J. Nutt Fund — has developed a Grant Committee composed of a cross-section of Lindsborg residents, to make final decisions about grant applications.

The Grant Committee is basing their decisions on the vision of Mr. Nutt to nurture the development and progress of the entire Lindsborg community through educational enrichment, quality health and wellness, and community economic development.

This survey is intended for public input, not voting. Those making final granting decisions are especially looking for comments that will improve the granting applications, please take a few minutes to share your opinion here:

The survey will be open February 1-28.

Grants for consideration include:

Organization Name Project Name Requested
1 Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau Visit Lindsborg & Live Lindsborg – 2 year Augmented Marketing Plan $50,000.00
2 Smoky Valley Historical Association Coronado Heights Road Project $40,000.00
3 Bethany Lutheran Church Restoration and Repair of the Bethany Church Steeple $15,000.00
4 Lindsborg Community Library Celebrate Sixty Years of the Lindsborg Community Library $17,000.00
5 USD 400 Smoky Valley Middle School ‘Wahlin Hospitality’ Room Transformation $17,000.00
6 USD 400 Chester Bruce Papers $6,012.00
7 USD 400 A. J. Steinberg Auditorium Systems Upgrade $52,623.66
8 USD 400 Smoky Valley High School Steam Kettle $15,081.37
9 Lindsborg Senior Center Lighting replacement at the Senior Center $4,018.12
10 Trinity United Methodist Church of Lindsborg Fellowship Hall Carpet Replacement $7,375.00
11 Lindsborg Arts Council Lindsborg Arts Council Revitalization $15,000.00
12 Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church Lindsborg Food Bank and additional programs to address food insecurity. $31,000.00
13 City of Lindsborg Lead On 2020: Lindsborg Women…No Limits Since 1869 $28,700.00
14 Bethany Home Association Bethany Home Dining Renovation $75,000.00
15 Raymer Society Artist-In-Residence apartment exterior repairs $6,885.00
16 Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County Steps to End Poverty – United and Partnering (STEP-UP) $68,000.00
17 Lindsborg Community Health Care Foundation A Partnership Park for Trail Side Senior Fitness $80,540.00
18 Sprout House Learning Center Purpose-built Childcare Center Building $1,000,000 (over a 5 yr period)
19 McPherson County Old Mill Museum Historic Preservation  – 1904 World’s Fair Swedish Pavilion $142,000.00