Community Foundation Celebrates Another Record-Breaking Match Week

Community Foundation Celebrates Another Record-Breaking Match Week

MCPHERSON, KAN. —- The McPherson County Community Foundation (MCCF) concluded their eighth annual Match Week on Mar. 5. $380,000, a new record set by the foundation, was raised by 39 participating organizations. $325,000 was the previous record from 2021.

The event, created to help build non-profit endowments, has set a record every year since 2016. This year MCCF had $100,000 as their matching total. The amount will be distributed to organizations on a proportional scale. This means if an organization received 10% of total donations, they would receive $10,000.

Organizations have options on how they want to receive their match, either placing it in their endowment or receiving it as immediate funds. In order to provide flexibility, organizations can choose to split the amount between the two options.

According to MCCF President/CEO Becky Goss, raising an endowment is an important step to make a non-profit sustainable.

“Currently at the McPherson Opera House, we live “season to season” and “show to show” somewhat like a family that lives paycheck to paycheck.” Denise O’Conner-Munsey, Director of the McPherson Opera House, said, “This requires us to be in constant fundraising mode, prohibits us from booking entertainment that we can’t fund with ticket sales and sponsorships, and puts us in a bad place when we encounter unplanned for circumstances like water damage from broken pipes, shutdowns due to a pandemic, or even a popular/expensive show that has really poor attendance because the Chiefs had a game rescheduled to the same night.”

According to O’Conner-Munsey building an endowment makes sure that the Opera House can survive those events and be able to schedule more in the future. Maintenance of the large building is also a concern. A fully built endowment provides the budget to care for a building that is well over 100 years old.

The total amount raised with the match added came in at just shy of half a million dollars, a huge step forward in creating a sustainable future for local non-profits.


Amount raised for each organization (with match added):


McPherson County 4-H Fund: $65,431.63

McPherson Opera House Company: $52,187.79

STEPMC Endowment: $35,281.99

WACCC Fund: $27,162.36

Mt. Hope Sanctuary: $19,676.74

The Cedars Fund: $19,475.12

McPherson Hospital Fund: $18,840.72

Marquette Learning Center Agency Fund: $18,347.32

Deanna Zeitlow Crohns Patients Assistance Fund: $18,114.20

McPherson Public Library: $17,215.73

The Omega Project: $15,512.05

Meals on Wheels Fund: $13,873.90

Lindsborg Child Development Center Fund: $13,395.05

McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation: $11,782.10

CASA: A Voice for Children Fund: $11,315.86

Edwin R. Stucky Debate Enhancement Fund: $10,295.16

Ag in the Classroom: $10,238.46

McPherson Family YMCA Fund: $9,293.37

Arts After School Endowment: $9,280.77

McPherson County Food Bank:  $9,249.27

Community Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner: $8,285.28

Band Endowment Fund: $7,983.43

Giving Hope Endowment Fund: $ 7,592.21

McPherson Area Habitat for Humanity Fund, Inc.: $7,585.91

McPherson Housing Coalition Fund: $7,056.66

McPherson Parks & Public Land Fund: $6,190.19

United Way of McPherson County Endowment Fund: $4,341.11

McPherson Arts Alliance Endowment: $4,341.11

McPherson Community Education Foundation: $4,063.88

McPherson Community Theatre: $3,194.40

McPherson County Council on Aging: $3,146.51

Monitor Cemetery Association: $3,062.09

Friends of the McPherson Police Department: $2,347.83

Bethany Home Association: $2,041.39

Good Beginnings Preschool: $1,859.64

Dog Park Endowment fund: $1,712.74

GraceMed Fund: $1,071.10

Keri Lindholm Endowment for the Arts: $1,033.30

School Supply Train Fund: $837.98

Kansas Sampler Foundation: $724.57