David J. Nutt Fund looks for Community Feedback

David J. Nutt Fund looks for Community Feedback

Members of the Lindsborg community, this is your opportunity to get involved in the decision-making process of grant allocation. The David J. Nutt Fund is hosting a survey to gather public opinion on what applications would best suit the mission of the fund. David J. Nutt Fund’s mission is to nurture the development and progress of the entire Lindsborg community.

The fund has grown the ability to award $450,000 a year and since 2018 the fund has released 1.3 million dollars between the regular and large grants cycle. The large grant cycle is reviewed once a year while the regular cycle is every other month.

Completion of the survey by the Lindsborg community is a crucial step in ensuring large allocations best suit the David J. Nutt Funds mission, and the community’s needs. It should be noted that the survey isn’t a vote and should be considered as an opportunity to provide feedback on the submissions. A Grant Committee, composed of a cross-section of Lindsborg residents, will make final decisions on grant applications.

A link to the survey will be posted and pinned to the McPherson County Community Foundations Facebook page or can be manually entered at www.surveymonkey.com/r/nuttfund2023survey . The survey will be open until Feb. 28.


There are 3 organizations that are in consideration for grant allocation:


  1. Swedish Pavilion Window Repair and Exterior Building Repainting:


The purpose of this project is to restore the Swedish Pavilion by (1) addressing urgent repairs to the 36 windows and (2) repainting the building. Repairing the windows is an absolute priority as it will ensure better climate-control, weatherproofing of the building, and its extended use all year long for events and temporary exhibitions. Repainting the building will bring the Pavilion back to being an appealing venue for indoor or outdoor events, in line with the character and standards of the community of Lindsborg. Both projects ensure the preservation of the Pavilion for years to come and sustain the development of its usage by the community.

We intend to spend grant funds on hiring two contractors to (1) make the repairs on the windows either by (a) restoring to the original design or (b) using the current design (Chris Sprowls Construction) and (2) repaint the Pavilion (Kenjax Painting).


  1. Smokey Valley Arts and Folklife Center Accessibility Center:


SVAFC will hire Hutton Construction to construct an ADA compliant restroom and renovate the front entrance for better accessibility at 114 ½ S. Main, Lindsborg, so we do not discriminate against people with disabilities and can provide creative programs and exhibitions for everyone.


  1. Lindsborg Recreation Department Field of Dreams:


Our future vision of recreation in Lindsborg is starting to become a reality with three big projects that we are working towards to enhance the quality of life to our Lindsborg residents. Our belief is that with this first, immediate facility update that we can make a difference now. The goal is to transform the current Field of Dreams (NE Ballfield) into its original purpose; providing a safe place for the youth, teens, and adults in our community to flourish in their physical, mental, and social health. The upgrades needed to this field would complete Phase 1 of allowing our community the space to see growth in our young kids, as well as facility needs and revenue sources to Lindsborg. The upgrades that are our top priorities and that would allow for full use of this field would be fencing, dugouts, and bathrooms.