Grant Spotlight: Central Christian College AEDs

Grant Spotlight: Central Christian College AEDs

This February, Central Christian College (CCC) received a grant for $6,000 to go towards the purchase of Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) equipment. Lifesaving equipment that, for the college, is especially needed.

It had been three years since the college had AEDs available on campus after previous equipment had expired. CCC had no funding in place to replace it.

With the grant from the McPherson County Community Foundation, CCC has acquired 5 AEDS, two allocated to travel between residence halls and sporting events, while the other three will be permanently installed in buildings on campus.

“This grant allows us to respond to emergency needs.” Lenny Favara, President of CCC said, “The Foundation could be saving a life just through generosity,”

The AEDs were requested on recommendation from the college’s exercise science program.

While the grant was partially funded, after the purchase of equipment the college will be putting extra funding towards training for all 75 staff.

Installation and training are set to be complete prior to the 24-25 school year.

This grant helps the Foundation address the need for community health found in their Mastermind McPherson Survey in 2023. While this grant comes from the ‘Dream’ Fund the Foundation does have a fund specifically for the instalment and replacement of AEDs in the county.

Interested in the project, or want to know how you can help the Foundation address community health? Reach out to MCCF at (620)-245-9070.