Mastermind Grant Spotlight: NAMI ‘You are not alone’

Mastermind Grant Spotlight: NAMI ‘You are not alone’

In 2023 the McPherson County Community Foundation used the results of its Mastermind McPherson County survey to make decisions on grant making. A huge point of emphasis from the results was the need for mental health support.

In Oct. MCCF released a grant of $6,980 to fund the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Mid-Kansas program “You are not alone”.

The program, set to begin this July, will allow for the establishment of two mental health support groups in McPherson. The first group will be support for those that suffer from mental health disorders, the second will focus on affected family members.

“We find that this distinction is important, because they are two completely different experiences.” Tayla Naden, NAMI Affiliate Development and Volunteer Coordinator said. “Our whole goal is to create that connection, that camaraderie (and) solidarity with each other.”

These programs will be led by peers and will not require registration. Though it is to be noted that the program will not be one off sessions. While meeting times have not been pinpointed, all meetings will be located at Rosie’s on Main in McPherson, KS. Naden did say the group plans to focus on meeting in the evenings with each group meeting once a month.

According to Naden the biggest cost associated with the program is acquiring program facilitators and their training.

“Once the groups start and we have facilitators in place, as long as the facilitators are willing to keep going, (NAMI) will keep going.” Naden said, “Our goal is to hold (this) program indefinitely.”

Naden will serve as a facilitator for the peer’s program, other facilitators have yet to be named.

Naden noted the need in the county stating that 1 out of 5 deal with mental health symptoms, but 5 out of 5 people are affected by association.

“I would reference the Mastermind survey (MCCF) sent out, and the fact that mental health was such a prominent subject.”  Naden said, “I appreciate the citizens of McPherson (County) that said, hey no we need to talk about this, because mental health is so stigmatized.”

NAMI Mid-Kansas’ mission is to provide free resources to those struggling with mental illness. They do this through training, programming,and helping those make connections with business and organizations.

Those interested in becoming a facilitator or attending the program can reach out to Tayla Naden of NAMI Mid-Kansas at

The Foundation has many funds and initiatives that focus on the improvement of mental health in McPherson County. To learn more about how you can help: (620) 245-9070