Philanthropy snapshot: A global priority with local impact

Philanthropy snapshot: A global priority with local impact

Summertime can mean vacations, travel, a slower (or at least different) pace, and time to reflect. This year, our team is thinking quite a bit about the significant role of philanthropy across the world and how that widespread enthusiasm drives so much energy for charitable giving right here at home.

If you’re spending time this summer reflecting, you might enjoy digging into a few of the sources we found thought-provoking,

–We really like this post from “across the pond” that analyzes why people give and synthesizes a variety of research studies and articles. Altruism, ego, social dynamics, and FOMO are just a few of the reasons people are motivated to give to charity. For a broad look at the role of philanthropy across the globe, you can check out Indiana University’s research.

–Every June, Giving USA releases its annual statistics on the state of charitable giving. We are looking forward to the 2024 report and digging into the numbers from 2023. Last year’s report showed that while individual giving was down, major gifts were ticking up. We’re curious to see what’s changed!

–Some say context is everything, and that may be why we always enjoy going back to the Smithsonian’s Giving in America exhibit and online resources. Even in its semi-archived and “under construction” format, the site is captivating; every time we revisit the site, something different catches our eye. (This time, we were struck by the side-by-side images from 2014’s Ice Bucket Challenge and the collection box from the early 1800s. And by the way, how can nine years have gone by since the Ice Bucket Challenge?)

–Coming full circle back to our local community, we’d love to draw your attention to what’s going on this summer at the Foundation (See our latest news here)!

As always, the McPherson County Community Foundation is here for you! We are honored to work with you and your family as you support the causes in our region that are most important to you. You are making a difference!