This Month in Foundation history: Children’s lunch Program

This Month in Foundation history: Children’s lunch Program

The McPherson County Community Foundation has been apart of many things over the years. From capital campaigns for childcare facilities to grants for restoking fish ponds, MCCF can do it all. This is why we want to take a look back at the many programs and projects we’ve been involved with through the years.

This month we will be looking at McPherson summer lunch program. The program, started by the Foundation in 2008, provided lunch’s for children that relied on meals provided by school. The project also cultivated volunteerism, relying on other local students, Ulster project students and community members to pack the meals.

These articles are taken from June 2012 editions of the McPherson Sentinel:

Donation made to summer food program

Bob Eickbush graciously contributed funds to match the Waldbauer Ed­ucation Committee challenge for McPherson’s summer lunch program.

In addition to Eickbush’s gift, donors have contributed enough money to date to fund the 2012 program.

There was some con­cern at the beginning of the summer, there would not be enough money or food to support the pro­gram. The collaborative effort between the united way of McPherson County and the McPherson County Community Foun­dation are providing weekly deliveries of gro­cery bags with nutritional food for families in need during the summer months.

The program is currently providing food for 217 McPherson children.

On behalf of the children served, we thank all who have supported this program.


Teens collect money for food program

Teens participating in the McPherson County Ulster Project will be col­lecting money before the fireworks show at Wall Park on July 4.

The funds collected will be given to the McPherson County Community Foundation for the Summer Lunch Program.

The Ulster Project teens have selected the Summer Lunch Program as their main community service project. On Wednesday mornings during the month of July, the entire group of Irish and American teens will be packing the food for delivery to the children of McPherson County.

Please plan ahead of time to bring some extra cash with you to the fireworks to help support this com­munity program. It is a great chance to meet and visit with the Northern Irish teens that will be in McPherson for the month of July and help the youth of McPherson at the same time.

Children volunteer to pack food for their needy peers:

The tables were over­flowing with bread, pudding, peanut butter and other savory foods.

Children bustled about the room, excit­edly placing the items on labeled paper sacks. But the activity was not for their benefit – they were making it possible for local needy families to eat this summer.

Wednesday was the first packaging day for McPherson’s summer food program at the Church of the Brethren. Participants in the church’s vacation Bible school took turns bag­ging food and placing them on routes to be delivered to about 185 children from 85 low-income, food-insecure families.

“It’s good they’re helping kids and a good opportunity for them to volunteer,” Olivia Fetsch, volunteer co-coordinator, said.

One group of 14 chil­dren – the tribe of Ju­dah from the VBS theme ‘Babylon’ was using teamwork to gather the items.

“I like it because we’re helping people get food,” Grace van Asselt, 11, said.

The packaging will continue at the church throughout the summer, as long as funding is available.

The United Way of McPherson County and the McPherson County Community Foundation has received some additional funding this week but is still in need of about $3,000.