Moundridge Community Foundation

Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Request for Nonprofit organizations to apply

The Moundridge Community Foundation plans to utilize the 2020 grant funds to help area nonprofit organizations with recovery or planning from the COVID-19 pandemic. To apply, click on the link below and submit your requests by May 31, 2020. For questions, please email the




Over $29K received for Match Day 2019


 Donations MatchMatch $$ Total Received
Angels’ Attic $3,593.7312% $ 2,604.93 $6,198.66
Helping Hands of Moundridge $2,802.549% $1,899.31 $4,701.85
Moundridge Arts Council $2,067.957% $1,401.47 $3,469.42
Moundridge Cradle to Crayons Child Care Center $3,341.8111% $2,264.78 $5,606.59
Moundridge Education Fund $1,089.094% $ 738.09 $1,827.18
Moundridge Food Pantry $1,523.315% $1,032.36 $2,555.67
Moundridge Historical Association $2,690.129% $1,823.12 $4,513.24
Moundridge Public Library $2,224.738% $1,507.72 $ 3,732.45
Mobility Worldwide/PET $5,419.2218% $3,672.66 $ 9,091.88
Moundridge Senior Center $3,139.7211% $2,127.82 $5,267.54
Pine Village $1,618.965% $1,097.18 $2,716.14




2nd Annual Ice Cream Social

Although it was a little cool, the evening was a success! We served eight tubs of ice cream and thanked hundreds for their support. We recognized the 2018 grant recipients at halftime. We announced that just over $187,000 in grants have been awarded since our inception in 2010. With your support, we’ll keep building the funds, awarding grants and, of course, serving ice cream.












The Moundridge Community Foundation was established in 2010. Since that time, the organization has increased assets to over $1.1 million; established nine funds for organizations; completed the Kansas Health Foundation GROW II challenge; and hosted Match Day events raising over $100,000 in three days. During the program, board members will share plans for the continued development of the Foundation and answer questions you may have regarding the endowment or organization.


A community foundation to benefit the Moundridge area was established in August 2010. The goal —build an endowment whose earnings can be used to provide a granting resource for a wide variety of non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve health care, human services, education, arts and culture or other charitable initiatives which enhance the Moundridge community.


Community foundations are built through an accumulation of funds anywhere from a group of first graders lemonade stand proceeds all the way up to an individual bequeathing their entire estate to the foundation upon their passing and everything in between.  Grants from endowed funds are made only from fund income, keeping the principal gift to the Foundation permanent.  By reaching the $1 million goal, nearly $50,000 in grants will be awarded annually to community organizations benefiting Moundridge residents.

For additional information, call 1.866.245.9070 or email

What A Foundation Offers


Grants  from endowed funds are made only from fund income, keeping the principal gift to the Foundation permanent. By maintaining the principal value of each fund, annual earnings can provide ongoing support to community programs.


You can establish a named fund or remain anonymous, choose general charitable purposes or very specific ones, your gift may be modest or large, and you may choose the frequency of the distributions. The Foundation also accepts a variety of assets beyond cash contributions.

Pooled Resources

By pooling contributions, management costs are lower than if you were to purchase these services individually. Ultimately more of your gift is used for its charitable resources.

Professional Management

Our staff relieves you of the administrative and legal responsibilities normally associated with private foundations and general philanthropy.

Knowledge of the Community

The Foundation remains current on issues facing our ever–changing community. We understand the opportunities and needs in McPherson County so grants are targeted where they do the most good.

Can I give any amount?

No gift is too small. To establish a specific fund, a $10,000 minimum is required. Gifts of $25, $10 or even $1 can be made to an existing fund or the Foundation’s Community Fund. Any size donation received by the Foundation enjoys a tax benefit. Accepting all gifts is what make this truly a Foundation for the community.


Ways to Give

  • A current gift of cash
  • A bequest made through your will or estate.
  • Charitable Gift Annuityallows the donor to make a gift of cash or stock to a fund while providing the donor a guaranteed income.
  • Appreciated Securities—a donor pays no capital gains tax and receives an income tax charitable deduction on the FMV of the stock.
  • Closely Held Stock—Innovative ways to donate closely held stock to the Foundation.
  • Life InsuranceA donor may purchase a new policy or donate an existing policy, naming the Foundation as the beneficiary.
  • Retirement Funds Donating IRAs and other retirement funds can save estate taxes.
  • Real Estate— The Foundation may accept real property upon special consideration by the Investment Committee.
  • Trusts Various types of charitable trusts can be established to meet your needs and benefit the Foundation.