Travel to national debate competition covered by Stucky Debate fund

Travel to national debate competition covered by Stucky Debate fund

   McPherson Co.  – The Edwin R. Stucky Debate and Forensics Fund awarded $2230 each to the Moundridge and McPherson High Debate teams to help offset travel expenses for debate students who qualified for national tournaments.

Moundridge High will be attending two tournaments, taking place in different locations. The National Catholic Forensics League Grand National Tournament (NCFL) will be taking place in Washington D.C. The National Speech and Debate Tournament (NSDA) will be taking place in Louisville, KY.

McPherson High will only be attending the NCFL tournament.

A total of three Moundridge students qualified: Rebecca Schlosser (SR.), Matthew Morrison (SR.) and Mateo Roth (JR.).

A total of 16 McPherson students qualified: Emme Wince (FR), Kaily Stout (FR), Lucy Bowman (SO), Sam Houston (SO), Zach Stein (SO), Payton Hamilton (JR), Xavier Billings (JR), Ian Wince (JR), Dane Partain (JR), Macyn Ward (JR), Katelynn Hull (SR), Jenna Fish (SR), Caden Hardgrave (SR), Sheridan Bliss (SR), Carley Malm (SR) and Colson Hicks (SR).

According to current Moundridge debate team coach Tammy Unruh will be a reward to the students for their hard work participating in the activity.

“It is a privilege and honor to represent Kansas at the most prestigious national forensics tournament in the United States.” Mark Stuckey, former Moundridge Debate Coach, said, “It is the opportunity to compete against the best and brightest students in the country.”

Stucky also says that the opportunity for students to compete at the national level allows them to hone their communication skills and gain valuable feedback from judges throughout the country.

“The greatest benefit of attending the national tournament is how much it pushes the students to improve.” Aaron Schopper, McPherson debate team coach, said, “Being around top caliber competition pushes them to rise to that level. It’s incredible to watch them strive to keep pace.”

The Edwin R. Stucky Debate and Forensics Fund is named after former Moundridge Debate coach Edwin Stucky.  Stucky coached the first student from McPherson County to attend nationals, Jerry Dirks.

The main objectives of the fund are to provide financial support to the middle/high school debate and forensics programs of McPherson County schools. This financial support can be seen in helping fund travel to prestigious tournaments inside of the state of Kansas and covering the expenses of students who qualify for national competitions.