Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Councils are charged with publicizing, reviewing and selecting a Children’s grant each year that benefits students in the communities where the Youth Councils are located. The Foundation gives each council available funds from the KHF Children’s Fund. As part of the process, the youth developed the following criteria:

  • Does it help multiple children?
  • Does it have long-lasting effects?
  • Can we afford it?
  • Has it been done prior to requesting our grant?

McPherson High School Youth Advisory Council

C0-Presidents: Breckyn Turner & Hayden Schneider
Vice-President: Abbey Paulsen

Kade Goss                        Kassidy Beam
Brennan Gipson              Aiden Lewis
Tessa Boesker

Celeste Carlson, Advisor


Canton/Galva High School Youth Advisory Council

President: Clay Wedel
Vice-President:  Andrew Prieb
Secretary: Keaton Littrell

Monica Costa                     Jaiden Dawes
Kaylie Harmon                  Michaela Jowers
Celey Johnson                   Andre Patton
Emily Peterson                  Angelina Saunders

Kim Witt, Advisor