Founder’s List

Founder’s of the Moundridge Community Foundation contributed $1000 or more to the unrestricted fund since August 2010. Donor’s interested in being added to the list, may contributed a total of $1000 through December 31, 2013.

Bradbury Co., Inc.
Citizens State Bank
Custom Rollforming Corp
Ryan and Michelle Durst
Eugene Goering
Wayne and Danielle Goering
Clark and Connie Graber
Kurt Graber
Delbert and Carol Hueske
Ruth Kaufman
Mike and Connie Kaufman
Roland H. Kaufman
Sanford Nathan and Kirsten Zerger
Rick and Pat Krehbiel
Mid-Kansas Credit Union
Moundridge Funeral Home
Moundridge Pharmacy
Betty Nesbitt
Fred and Polly Schrag
Bruce J. and Patricia Stucky
Keith and Connie Schrag
Kyle and Robin Schrag
Kenneth K. Stucky
Kirk and Carla Stucky
Robert and Cheryl Stucky
Stucky Becker Insurance Group
Swiss Mennonite Cultural & Historical Association
Paul and Marla Ullom-Minnich
Mark and Joyce Vogts
Norman and Nadine Wedel
Kansas Health Foundation