Grant Awards

2019 Grant Awards

The Moundridge Community Foundation (MCF) board of directors is pleased to announce over $31,000 in grant funds have been awarded to 10 local organizations serving the Moundridge residents. Funds were made possible by the Moundridge Community Fund, Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund and Moundridge Youth Fund.

$1,500 – Mercy Hospital, Inc.

To be used for portable radios. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge.

$1,800 – West Zion Mennonite Church

To provide meals for their K-4 Youth ministries program. This grant is made possible by the Moundridge Community Foundation Youth Fund and the Moundridge Community Foundation Fund.

$19,205 – Cradle to Crayons

To be used for building conversion for additional classrooms. This grant is made possible by the Moundridge Community Fund.

$2,000 – Valley Hope Foundation

To be used for the Hope Builder Club programming. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge.

$2,645 – Moundridge Recreation Commission

To be used for a pool vacuum. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge.

$1,200 – Angels’ Attic

To be used for yearly expenses. This grant is made possible by the Moundridge Community Fund.

$500 – Moundridge Public Library

To be used for summer reading program STEMout. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge and the Moundridge Community Fund.

$750 – Moundridge High School

To be used for Wildcat Pride program. This grant is made possible by the Moundridge Community Fund.

$400 – Moundridge Middle School

To be used for stock the bathrooms. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge.

$1,500 – Moundridge Senior Center

To be used for replacing flooring in the quilt / nursing room. This grant is made possible by the Kansas Health Foundation Fund – Moundridge.

2018 Grant Awards

The Moundridge Community Foundation (MCF) board of directors is pleased to announce over $27,000 in grant funds have been awarded to15  local organizations serving the Moundridge residents. Funds were made possible by the Moundridge Community Fund, Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund and Moundridge Youth Fund.

MHS—Woodshop Classroom Lighting—$2000

The lighting in the high school woodshop creates safety and accuracy issues for the students.  Funds are requested to help alleviate the problem of low lighting that makes it difficult to see lines that were created to follow as students cut out pieces of their projects or measurements on the bench rules and tape measures. This grant money will be used to change out all the fluorescent fixtures with LED fixtures to increase the foot candles in the low areas and better distribute the lighting throughout the shop. An added benefit will be lower lighting cost in the shop area.

Moundridge Youth Football Club equipment— $483

The MYFC is a new organization this year to introduce 5th and 6th graders in Moundridge to tackle football in preparation for Jr High and High School.  Requested funds are will be used to purchase practice and game equipment, specifically footballs, kicking tees, a tackling wheel, helmet covers (to differentiate offense and defense during practice scrimmages) and an equipment bag for storage.

Associated Ministries of Moundridge—2019 VBS CD music project— $500

The Associated Ministries of Moundridge sponsors Vacation Bible School every summer for the Moundridge community.  Classes are provided for children ages 3 years old through those entering 6th grade. Approximately 150 students attend representing about 100 families.  At the end of the session, each family is presented a music CD with music from the event. The CD’s cost $5.00 each. A $500 grant allows for each family to receive a CD of the 2019 session.

Moundridge Middle School Clubs—$500

Moundridge Middle School Clubs create opportunities for students to branch out into new peer groups, strengthen relationships with teachers outside a normal classroom setting, deepen their understanding of an already known topic, or to try something new that interests them. USD 423 staff such as paras, teachers (middle school and high school) and administration sponsor interest clubs that usually consists of 8-10 students.  The main drive of clubs is to increase student involvement in school and to find that “thing” or person that makes that student passionate about learning. With the grant funds, more club offerings will be created and cover supply costs without charging club fees.

Moundridge 5th grade Sphero project—$1300

 To purchase Sphero programmable robots for the classroom. A Sphero is a robot that provides an introductory level to computer programming and robotics. The Sphero robots will be used to teach science concepts, a robotics unit, and math concepts (area, perimeter, volume, and angles). The kit includes 12 Sphero balls and 12 chargers. This project will help get more technology in the classroom and help the students be more familiar with them. Spheros are fun and educational.

Moundridge Manor—Training Manikin—$3000

The purpose of the training manikin is to help the organization meet federal regulations along with ensuring it is providing competent care to the elders of the organization’s community. The manikin will be used for teaching new certified nursing assistants along with the training, testing, and skills enhancement of existing registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse aides.

USD #423 “Dare to Be” —$1000

USD 423’s theme for the 2018-2019 school year is “Dare to Be”. With this theme, we want to encourage students to DARE.

D-Decision Making

A-Assertiveness to take Lead

R-Responsibility in Daily Life

E-Esteem for School Culture


Teachers and students will be able to nominate students they see daring to be! Making good decisions, taking initiatives, being responsible, and building up Wildcat esteem. Monthly these nominated students will be rewarded with an assembly and special lunch. Students will be celebrated for their decisions with the principal, each other, and the nominating teachers.

Moundridge High School—Safety and Security Project—$883

The purpose of this project is to provide additional safety for the Moundridge High School cafeteria. As part of the school safety plan, the cafeteria has eight large windows that have the possibility for people to look into the school easily and see large groups of students during lunch or passing periods. Grant funds will be used to purchase decorative window clings to dress up the outside of the school and provide safety for students while in the school.

USD #423– Preschool Playground Equipment—$8308

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Moundridge Elementary School will offer a preschool program.  Approximately 36 children ages 3-5 will be served in this program. The USD 423 school board has worked with administration and staff to rearrange classrooms to allow for the additional students, purchase curriculum, and hire a teacher for the new preschool program. MCF grant funds will be used to purchase playground equipment that is safe and developmentally appropriate for children in preschool through kindergarten.

Moundridge Youth Ministries Meal Program—$2000

The Associated Ministries non-denominational Youth Program will provide a meal, activity, worship and learning time for approximately 125-130 community K-12 youth each week during the school year.  This past year the High School Class was one of the largest. Many of the youth are from broken homes, and/or homes that are struggling financially. MYM strives to exhibit the love of Christ through action and words each session.

Mercy Hospital—Bladder Scanner—$3000

Mercy Hospital is always seeking to improve the patient experience for those who come to the hospital. The availability of a bladder scanner was identified as equipment that would provide patients with a better hospital experience by eliminating the number of unnecessary catheter-days, and help reduce the possibility of a patient acquiring a catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

West Zion’s Children’s Meal Ministry—$1800

West Zion congregation serves hot, nutritious meals to children and volunteers for the K-4 Moundridge Youth Ministries program hosted at the church.  The program engages families in Moundridge with the love of God through age-appropriate Bible teaching. The program aims to cultivate personal morality and spirituality among children and families, as well as building up the faith life of the community.

Valley Hope of Moundridge Alumni Program—$2000

Humans have a biological need to form bonds with others. When this need isn’t met, we don’t function as we are meant to function. Addiction is a disease of isolation. We break, we hurt others, we become sick. Valley Hope is transforming the work with alumni. A new alumni program will break the cycle of isolation and provide our alumni with a sense of community, and a place to belong. Valley Hope is steadfast in its belief that recovery is possible. With the organization’s help, people struggling with addiction can reclaim their lives.  

Moundridge Middle School—Becoming Scientists—$150

MMS students need this Science Olympiad opportunity to Become Scientists, working from August to April on their chosen events. The team of 18 students, grades 5-9, sign up for one event that they will master. They study scientific text & data that is above grade level, they practice & experiment with strategies to win. They aim at winning Gold at regionals so that they are invited to state competition. Olympiads are expected to strive, commit, develop leadership, problem solve, and experience life as a scientist. They will converse with physicists for three weeks online for guidance in their events through Adopt a Physicist.


** MCF secured funds from the McPherson Healthcare Foundation AED Fund for the following project:

Moundridge Recreation Commission—AED device—$1800

The portable AED device checks the heart rhythm and then sends an electric shock to restore normal rhythm. When a person has a heart attack or goes into sudden cardiac arrest, an AED resumes a regular heartbeat, preventing death.  The AED will be used at the swimming pool, ball diamonds and in the gymnasium. The Zoll AED Plus and carrying case is portable and quickly accessible at several locations.

2017 Grant Awards

In August, the Moundridge CF Board selected 12 organizations to receive $21, 856 in grants for local programs.

Moundridge Historical Assn. $6,500.00      — For the construction of a 22′ x 42′ on a 6″ steel reinforced concrete pad for a steel building at the site of the museum. The pad would also extend 7 feet to the west to accommodate the water tower exhibit.

Moundridge Kettle Queen, FCE $250.00 — When a child visits their physician at PIFC, they receive a book and a coupon for a free book at the Library.  Parents are given a pamphlet explaining the importance of reading to their child for benefits in learning for later years.  This program also introduces and encourages the parents and child to use the local library.

Associated Ministries of Moundridge                         $500.00 — Vacation Bible School – The event ran three days: Friday evening, Saturday morning with a Sunday evening program.  The program included religious education, music, crafts and recreation for all community children who want to be involved.

Moundridge Senior Center $1,250.00 — To purchase a dishwasher/sanitizer for the Senior Center. The facility currently serves an average of 35 meals daily. All pots, pans, forks, spoons, knives, serving spoons, coffee cups, glasses and food trays are currently washed and sanitized by hand.

Cradle to Crayons                    $5,158.00 — For the purchase of an upright freezer to provide more space to store frozen items and allow for bulk purchases at discounted prices and the purchase of security cameras for the West, South, East and North sides of the building.

Moundridge Public Library $500.00 — To expand the Library Storytime sessions to include one for lap-sitters (infants). In addition to expanding the program sessions, grants were awarded to help enhance what is offered for the “Every Child Ready to Read” guidelines for public library storytimes. The focus is on modeling strategies that parents and caregivers can use to nurture pre-reading skills at home.

Moundridge Elementary School $150.00 — Programming for 12 students from 3rd & 4th grades to meet weekly to learn crafts and develop their skills in CEO Club.  Crafts include crochet, embroidery, and origami.

Moundridge Rec. Commission $2,548.00 — To provide more seating structures such as portable bleachers for community activities/events.

West Zion Mennonite Church $1,750.00 — The program meets the physical needs of children by providing nutritious meals every week prior to being fed spiritually through the MYM program. This ministry is one way that we strive to share God’s love and compassion in our community.

Moundridge Food Pantry $1,000.00 — Clients are able come to the food pantry twice a month to pick up boxes of food which are filled by volunteers from the community.  At times there are extra food items that are available for them to take.  The Pantry also distributes boxes of food at Christmas in addition to the regular boxes. The Pantry relies on donations from the community for basic operations.

Valley Hope Association     $500.00 — To assist Valley Hope in raising funds that directly impact McPherson County residents, male and female, ages 16-90 through a treatment assistance fund.

Moundridge Youth Ministries $1,750.00 — MYM K-12 have 100-150 young people who come each Wednesday night of the school year for our 5-12th/ 16 times for K-4.  The goal is to show them Christian love through a simple meal, a time of fun and fellowship, and sharing a lesson from the Bible and how this lesson can impact their lives at home, in the community, and the world today.

2016 Grant Awards

A total of $18,000 to 13 organizations were granted in August 2016. Grant funds were made possible by the Foundation’s Community Fund, Moundridge Youth Fund and the Kansas Health Foundation Public Health. The Foundation has been awarding grants to local organizations since 2012. With the 2016 distributions, $59,870 in the Moundridge community. This year’s grant recipients include:

  • Angels’ Attic – $750: Revamp the existing double car garage space to help with organization of the storage and sales floor.
  • Circles of McPherson County – $2,000: Sponsorship of four Moundridge families to participate in the Getting Ahead program, which is designed to activate a paradigm shift in the thinking families acquire from the survival mode of poverty with an ultimate of permanently leaving poverty.
  • Mercy Hospital, Inc. – $2,500: To purchase two StatStrip Xpress Glucose Meters. One meter will be placed in the emergency room and the second at the nurse’s station to serve in-patients.
  • Moundridge Elementary School – $2,000: Lexia’s pre-K – 5th literacy solution. This program is designed to adapt based on student responses and provide real-time personalization while students work independently online.
  • Moundridge Food Pantry, $1,200: Foods with protein provides energy as well as assists in reducing obesity. With this grant, the food Pantry will be able to provide adequate amounts of commodities such as eggs, cheese, and meat to the clients.
  • USD 423 Moundridge High School – $1,700: Wildcat Day is a day USD 423 uses to take a break from academics and all the normal “school stuff” to focus on building positive relationships and model character with one another to be used in an outside school walls.
  • Moundridge Public Library – $700: To purchase a Dell OpticPlex 3020 desktop computer for the library to use in the patron area. Many patrons use the computer for resumes, job search and job applications, as well as search Kansas Databases available like: Mango languages, Ancestry Search and Explora for research.
  • Moundridge Senior Center, $2,750: The Moundridge Senior Center mission is “enabling Seniors to live longer in their own homes with pleasure, dignity and independence”. This grant will be used to replace the commercial size reach-in, two section refrigerator with stainless steel doors, stainless steel sides and interior, and six shelves with interior light, ensuring continued service to seniors living in their own homes.
  • USD 423 Moundridge – $500: Funds to purchase supplies to conduct a K-12 Art Showcase to promote awareness and appreciation through fine arts with the Moundridge community.
  • West Zion Mennonite Church, $2,000: The program meets the physical needs of children by providing nutritious meals every week prior to being fed spiritually through the MYM program. This ministry is one way that we strive to share God’s love and compassion in our community.
  • Moundridge Valley Hope Wedel Recovery Center, $1,250: Treatment Scholarships for Moundridge residents to help patients in need receive addictions treatment.

The Moundridge Community Foundation was established in 2010 in an effort to build a permanent resource local programs and projects that benefit Moundridge residents. Donations are placed in an endowed fund with a portion of the earnings used for annual grants. As the fund grows, the amount available to grant increases. Since 2012, the amount of grant dollars awarded has increased from $4,750 to $18,000 in 2016.

2015 Grant Awards

The Moundridge Community Foundation announced grant distributions totaling $16,920 were awarded in 2015 to countywide organizations to assist area nonprofits further their missions.

Grants were made possible by the Moundridge Community Foundation unrestricted fund, the KHF Public Health Fund, and the Moundridge Youth Fund.

Grant awards are:

$5000 – Mercy Hospital – Improvement to Mercy Hospital’s Radiology Department by purchasing a Digital X-ray Film Reader. This reader will greatly enhance the quality and interpretation of images captured on x-ray film. In addition to the grant from the Moundridge Community Foundation, Mercy Hospital will also receive $5000 from the Larry Wedel Health Fund to assist with the project.

$200 – Angel’s Attic – Assistance to purchase daily operational items such as bags (for clothing to MCC), air fresheners, and cleaning supplies.

$1000 – Cradle to Crayons Childcare and Preschool – To purchase “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum. The curriculum helps the children with model activities that develop important social-emotional skills, including body awareness, taking turns, and sharing. In addition, it helps them to practice with teaching size, shape and position concepts for pre-writing and sensory motor skills.

$5000 – Moundridge Recreation Commission – To purchase a 10’ x 30’ shade walk to place over the baby pool. A Shade Walk is a canopy that will protect visitors from up to 99 percent of the sun’s dangerous UV rays. In addition to the grant from the Moundridge Community Foundation, the Moundridge Recreation Commission will also receive a $4000 grant from the KHF Children’s Fund to provide a 10’ x 15’ shade over another portion of the pool.

$125 – Moundridge Kettle Queens FCE – Children books are given to mothers of newborns at Mercy Hospital in Moundridge.

$600 – Moundridge Public Library – Beyond the Walls brings reading to library patrons through the download of free eBooks. With a current library card, patrons can enjoy the convenience of reading on their tablet, phone or eReader. This program offers a diverse selection of titles, fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as Audiobooks, Music and Videos.

$400 – Swiss Mennonite Cultural & Historical Society – Directional signs pointing to the Swiss Mennonite historical sites west of Moundridge are needed to share the story of the Swiss Volhynian Mennonite pioneers who settled in the Moundridge area.

$500 – Moundridge Valley Hope Recovery Center – Moundridge Valley Hope admits hundreds of chemically dependent patients who need significant help with the cost of professional treatment. The grant will help provide scholarships for those in financial need.

$400 – USD 423 – Moundridge Schools – Wildcat Community Day is a citizenship activity designed for the students of Moundridge to “give back” to the community that supports them throughout the year. Students will be working alongside peers and teachers to learn the importance of citizenship and caring for others and their community.

$1000 – West Zion Mennonite Church – West Zion’s Mission statement is “God calls us into community to worship God and follow Jesus through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.” The grants will help to provide nutritious meals to young people (K-4) in a safe environment so that they are ready to learn about Jesus.

$1500 – Moundridge Youth Ministries – Moundridge Youth Ministries (MYM), a ministry of the Associated Churches of Moundridge, provides Wednesday evening activities for K-12 youth of the local area during the school session. The grant will help provide a hot meal, fun, fellowship, and an opportunity to learn about Jesus in a non-denominational Christian based environment through teaching time.

$395 – Moundridge Historical Society– Heritage Museum on the Moundridge Museums Complex plans to build and install a 67″ x 41″ metal wrapped sign, indicating the name and address of the Museum, which also serves as MHA office.

$800 – Moundridge Food Pantry – Clients of the food pantry are able to pick up designated amounts of food twice a month as needed. There is extra food available for them to choose from at their discretion and need. The grant will assist families who live on modest incomes to maintain a healthy diet, thereby preventing illness and disease.

2014 Grant Awards

$6500 – Mercy Hospital – Physical Therapy improvement by providing a special traction/treatment table for use and treatment of inpatients and outpatients of hospital.

$1200 – Moundridge Historical Association – Exterior renovation of Depot Museum and Cole House Museum grounds

$1500 – Moundridge Recreation Commission – To improve adult and community development by providing a safer environment and creating a positive relationship between MRC and the community.

$3500 – Moundridge Youth Ministries and West Zion Church – MYM ministers to young people from K-12 every Wednesday during the school year, providing a positive influence of Christian based Bible teaching and a meal to nearly 160 young people.

$1500 – USD #423 – Connected Campus – District wide program designed to build positive school culture, community relationships and a community of responsibility, by using practical stratgies to achieve accountability from students, teachers and administrators.

2013 Grant Awards

The Moundridge Community Foundation Board Of Directors Announced  $10,000 In Grant Funds Have Been Awarded To The Following Recipients For Grant Awards:

$1750—Angels’ Attic
To assist with the purchase of shelving, signage and general upkeep.

$1000—City of Moundridge
To assist with the replacement of unsafe and outdated playground equipment.

$600—Moundridge Public Library
The second phase of the E-book initiative with the Sunflower E-Library.

$1000—Cradle to Crayons
To assist with the purchase of a Promethean Board —an interactive learning white board that connects to a computer

$1500—Moundridge Athletic Department
To update weightlifting equipment for the physical education classes and athletic programs at the high school.

$1400—Moundridge Youth Ministries
To offset meal costs for a weekly youth group program Moundridge youth, ages Kindergarten through 12th grade from September 2013 to April 2014.

$500—Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association
To develop a web page with information about graves of Swiss Volhynian Mennonites in Moundridge cemeteries.

$1000—Wedel Recovery Center
Scholarship assistance to help Moundridge residents participate in the alcohol and drug treatment program.

$1000—Circles of McPherson County
A high impact strategy that changes the mindset of the community so that it wants to end poverty and empower people in poverty to help with community problems while transitioning out of poverty themselves.